What is PicoClan?

It's an online toy & equipment library for 0 to 11 year olds in Austria! Borrow toys and equipment instead of buying. It's a better way to fulfill your kid's needs.

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How does it work?

You can use PicoClan in 2 ways:

Option 1:
Monthly Play Club


Learn-by-Play Club

New toys delivered automatically every few weeks. Great for encouraging development in a fun way, without the stress of time or money.
From 13 € / month.

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Option 2:
One-Time Rental


Occasional Rentals

Rent equipment and toys only from time to time. Great for holidays or if you just want to try out an item without having to buy it.
Pre-paid Credits from 15 €.

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Retail: 19,99 
1,18  / week
Retail: 149,90 
8,79  / week
Retail: 119,95 
7,71  / week
Retail: 799,00 
54,41  / week
Retail: 49,99 
2,94  / week
Retail: 49,99 
2,94  / week
Retail: 129,99 
7,64  / week


Zoomer Dino

Retail: 90,00 
5,29  / week

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