How does One-Time Rentals work?

PicoClan is a toy & equipment library. Every item in our collection has a weekly rental rate.

It works in 4 steps:


There's no need to decide in advance how long you need the items for.  When you're ready to return an item, use the included return label and drop the items off at the post office. Your rental period ends. You do not need to return all items at once. Keep some, return some and order more! Toys that your child would like to keep forever can be bought at a discount of up to 60% off.


Christmas every week. Start now with just 15 €.   Sign-up Now

How much does it cost?

Item rental rates start from 0,33 € per week (view item rates)

Amazingly low rental rates means you can borrow items for months and still be saving over buying. Rental period begins when the item is delivered to your address, and ends when you drop the item off at the post or a local drop-off location.

Monthly Play Club from 13€ per month

You can make one-time credit purchases or join our Learn-by-Play Club for extra convenience. The Learn-by-Play Club is a toy service where new toys are automatically shipped to you every few weeks based on your preferences.

Renting up to 5 months is better than buying  Start Saving

Frequently Asked Questions